October 25th @ 1 p.m.

October 26th & 27th @ 11 a.m.

Preview: October 24th 10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Featuring the collection of Dr. Jim Davis owner of the J.L. Davis Gun Museum Claremore, OK Also the founder of the Replica Percussion Revolver Collectors association. This is Part 1 of the largest collection of Replica revolvers known in the United States. Many of which are rare and out of production and many are in new in the box condition. Featuring Cased sets of 1851 Navy’s, Cased sets of 1860 Army's, Baby Dragoons, Dragoons, 1847 Walkers, Remington Brass Frames, Confederate Type revolvers, commemoratives and so much more!! 

Also in the auction we have a Ruger Rolls Royce 100th Anniversary Commemorative Shotgun Proof #1, Winchester 1892 38 cal engraved by R.B. Chapman,Custom Sporting Arms and Shotguns, Browning's, Calico's, Poly Tech’s, Roarm AKs, and Armalites. Winchester 94 SRC,Winchester 73, Vlhnchester 9140, Winchester 94 in 17HMR, Winchester 94 Oct BBL, Marlin 1891,CoIt SAA's.

We have a large knife collection, Huge holster lots, huge ammo lots, dealer magazine Iots, reloading supplies, and gunparts sold by the pound. We are featuring new and estate jewelry and Gold and Silver collectors coins. With this collection, we have a spectacular basket collection all of which are very high condition and large size, Fully Beaded Indian Moccasins, and Holsters, and Wild West Show Costumes.

Also we have antique Furniture, Saloon Lamps,Steins, A nice Splendid Oak Stove restored, Vintage American Red Cross Uniforms from the Philippines, NauticalAntiques, Poker Chips, Vintage Gum Ball Machines, Decanter Collection, Bronzes, and Fine Art oils and prints.

We also have some cowboy memorabilia including bits, headstalls, spurs, and saddles. We also have several WWI& WWII models of guns, Original H&K Machine Gun Tripod, WWI Sniper stand, Vickers Machine Gun Simulator,Vickers Machine Gun Prop used by MGM Studios, Original Thompson FBI Case, Bren Gun Parts, LS26 Parts,US Militaria Field Rifle Rack, Phones, Desk, and Stretchers Helmets Coats, Hats and Knives. We also have Gun Safes, SASS Rigs, Nazi Memorabilia, and Animal Mounts. Values from $50.00-$15,000.00 Something for most every collector, dealer and believer in hard assets with real value over paper money!

We are a full service auction house specializing in Firearms Antique and Modern, Antique Advertising Memorabilia, Antique Furnishings, Jewelry, Gold & Silver Coins, Fine Art, Autographs, Canes & Walking Sticks, Flags and Patriotic Textiles, Native American Artifacts, Antique Maps, Political Memorabilia, Art Pottery, Pre Columbian Artifacts, Military & War Memorabilia, and Collectables.


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